Volunteer work in Quito

The Quito Antiguo Spanish School not only caters for those who are able to study or to travel. In addition it is an organization that believes in helping our community. Due to our wide range of cooperation with local organization we can offer a wide variety of activities in Ecuador. Examples for voluntary work is teaching street children reading and writing, reforesting the rainforest, rescuing endangered species, helping old people to manage their daily life or working in Indian communities.

In addition to these possibilities we offer as well internships in our academy and different social programs in the afternoon. After our Spanish lessons in the morning, children and teenager from the local school are coming to our school and participating on our workshops. Because their parents haven`t got time to look after them in the afternoon and can`t afford the money for professional care, our volunteers offer different activities in order to prevent them to hang out in the streets.

We are open for the ideas and proposals of our volunteers and support them in making their projects come true. A multitude of activities has been realized in the past. Apart from the daily assistance with the homework, volunteers with a medical training have taught the teenagers about HIV, abortion, sex, drogues. The students also could make an exam and after passing it, they were allowed to teach others and spread the medical knowledge in Ecuador. This medical training also helped some teenagers for example to be prepared for internships in hospitals.

Also students with psychological background had talks with children and teenagers who need more help than their families and social environment can give them.  In a society where upon receiving psychological help is frowned our school makes a valuable contribution to social problems. Also pedagogical support was offered for children with learning problems. While searching and developing learning concepts jointly, test anxiety could be fought, learning problems could be countered and examinations be passed.

Furthermore paint and music workshops were built up in our academy, in order to present our children the varied modes of expression of art and to promote their artistic abilities. On top of that lessons with the new media have been offered by breitlingreplica our volunteers. In order to prepare the younger generation for the future it´s elementary to show them, how to search with google, edit images, make presentations or handle with privacy in the internet.

So that our children not only spend their time in front of the computer, it is very important to us to offer them a compensation program and to guide them to replica omega a balanced life. By working with different kinds of wood, plastic and metal the students developed awareness about the materials of our daily life, their variety of usage possibilities and the need of recycling. fake breitling Making chessboards out of wood, handbags out beer cans or cloth out of plastic bags should illustrate the wide range of possibilities to form our surrounding and enrich our daily life.