Study Spanish in Quito

Enjoy studying in our new location in the heart of historic Quito. Take in a 16th century colonial style building and discover why Quito was named a UNESCO. World Heritage Site. For 4 hours each day on Monday through to Friday, you will be instructed by qualified and experienced Spanish teachers.

To make language learning meaningful and fun, it must be enriched with cultural and social activities. That is why all of our programs in Quito include free weekly excursions, lectures and volunteer opportunities.

The excursions involve outings in and around Quito, such as visiting museums and some of the most impressive churches in South America.

Once a week we bring a guest lecturer to speak in English (and sometimes Spanish) about different issues relevant to Ecuador cialis black 80mg.

We also arrange visits to different volunteer and non-profit organizations to give our students an opportunuty to gain a better understanding of Ecuadorian society and to get involved in social work whilst in Quito.

On the weekend students are invited to go on guided trips to nearby Indian markets, hot springs and other places of interest at no extra cost. We only ask that you pay for your own transportation and food.


Cultural excursions, weekly lectures and visits to volunteer and social organizations, and opportunities to go on weekend trips and take Salsa lessons at a discounted price.

Does not include

Transportation and food costs for weekend trips. A $50 fee if you will be taking Salsa lessons.

Would you like to see more of Ecuador?

Quito is a great place to learn spanish, but we do urge you to explore more of our beautiful country.

With our studying spanish while travelling packages, you can continue to improve your language skills and visit the cloud forest, Otavalo, gorgeous beaches and the fabulous Amazon Rainforest all with Quito Antiguo.