This small town of some 22,000 inhabitants, mostly Otavalon indian, is famous for its friendly people and their Saturday market. The market dates back to pre -Inca times.

Today's market is renowned throughout South America for the works of the Otavaleño weavers as well as for other valuable goods, people bring to the market.

Otavalo is also famous for the lush green surrounding mountains and foothills which make for excellent hiking. Or, if you'd prefer to simply take in the sights, there are gorgeous mountain views from the city; including the spectacular sight of two extinct volcanoes, which are prominently visible on any clear day.

More information on Otavalo:

  • Otavalo market
  • Around Otavalo


  • Spanish classes everyday for 4 hours
  • Excellent indigenous food, for example "yapingacho" (cuy, if you dare)
  • Comfortable, clean rooms
  • Visit to Otavalo indigenous community
  • Trekking through the country side of Peguche köpa cialis
  • San Pablo lake
  • Visit the town of Cotcachi (famous for leather work and Cuicocha Lake)
  • Visit to Otavalan workshops where woven pajamas goods can be purchased at a discount from the artisan

Does not Include

    • Extra food and drinks.

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Study while travelling programs - Further information

Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet. Untouched Amazon rainforest, gorgeous beaches and some of the world's best cloud forests all lie within a day's travel of Quito, the capital nestled in the Andes montains.

To help our students fully appreciate the beauty of Ecuador while acquiring language skills, we offer these study programs outside of Quito.

We recommend staying in Quito for at least the first week of your visit to Ecuador to allow you to acclimatize (Quito is at 2,850m) and then use your Spanish while travelling.

Since we work with groups and directly with the service providers we are able to offer trips at a much lower cost than if you were to travel on your own. Also there is of course the advantage of having your professors along with you to help you get the most out of your visit.

All of our travel programs run from Monday through Friday. After a full week of classes and and excursions, you choose what you want to do on the weekend. You can either choose to return to Quito with your professors or stay longer.

However, the trip for the following week will always be leaving from Quito promptly on Monday morning.