Baños a paradise of thermal springs, a region for in the contours of a beautiful valley and a destination of spectacular adventures; canoeing, bunjee jumping, mountain biking and horse riding.

Baños is known as the "Door to El Dorado" and offers many attractions: you can relax in the thermal baths, visit the Basilica of the "Reina del Rosario de Agua Santa", walk to the different waterfalls, go up Tungurahua volcano, sample the melcoches (sweets made from sugar cane molasses), and admire the variety of crafts made from balsa and tagua wood.

Baños, due to its central location in the country, its mild weather and its tourist attractions, is the ideal place to relax in a calm atmosphere, as well as to go on excursions and trips to neighboring attractions.

If you are a trekking fan, in Baños you will find countless minor trails over the surrounding mountains, of which we recommend those that go around Tungurahua volcano, at 5,016 meters above sea level.

For mountain biking fans, there is a trail called Baños - Rio Verde, that is 17 km long and has been considered South America's longest and most challenging. A large variety of adventure sports also flourish in the area.

The following are the main thermal baths:

  • The Virgin's Pools These will be found in the eastern central part of Baños, below the Virgin's Waterfall.
  • Agua Santa Its waters have a volcanic origin.
  • The "El Salado" pools These are somewhat out of the city center (15 minutes on foot, or you can take the city bus to "El Salado"). Its thermal waters are of volcanic nature.
  • The Modernas Pools These are near the Virgin's Pools, on Martinez Street.
  • The Agua de la Vida (Water of Life) Pools Here they have several pools of warm water.
  • The Santa Clara Pools These warm water pools are at the end of Santa Clara Street. Most of the hotels have heated replica fake breitling pools for their guests.

The most impressive and popular waterfalls are:

  • The Virgin of the Holy Water Waterfall You can have a full view of them from Baños.
  • The Ines Maria Waterfall (Pastaza River) This lies 1 km from the center of town, across the San Martin Bridge and near the Zoo.
  • The Agoyan Waterfall An replica cartier impressive waterfall 5 km from Baños (Pastaza River). Due to the use of the river water to generate hydro-electric power, it sometimes goes dry; It can be visited by bus.
  • The Manto de la Novia (Bridal Veil) Waterfall It is 12 km from Baños, before arriving to Rio Verde, where you will havea view of an impressive bridge over the river. You can get there either by bus or bicycle.
  • The Rio Verde Waterfall, or Pailon del Diablo At 20 km from Baños, the Rio Verde forms an impressive waterfall falling among the rocks.