Travel and Study Spanish for One Month

Our travel study for one month program includes one week of studying in historic Quito followed by three weeks of studying in the temperate, coastal and Amazon rainforest regions of Ecuador.

By participating in our month programs you save 20% on the cost of Spanish classes for the month for a total saving of $ 100. Also we give additional discounts for large groups of 15 or more. In a group of six the sixth person always studies and stays for free during the first week in Quito. The month long travel program can also be done individually but at a different cost. Please contact us with any questions or if you are wanting to arrange something different than what is listed.

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Phone: (593) 2288454

Histórico de Quito Homestay
20 horas    4 horas por dia       $160     1 h  $ 8.00
40 horas    4 horas  por dia      $300     1 h  $ 7.50
60 horas    4 horas por dia       $420     1 h  $ 7.00
80 horas    4 horas por dia       $520     1 h  $ 6.50
100 horas                               $600     1 h  $ 6.00


I hope to hear more from you if you need more information We will respond as soon Thank you for booking with us One of our volunteers will go to meet him at the airport and then left him in the desired accommodation if you want to stay in families with three meals, the cost is $ 25 per day private room furnished apartment cost $ 15 per day in Spanish classes include: Spanish material, dictionaries, use wifi all the time, coffee, tea, refreshments during breaks. Excursions to all students’ Ecuadorian food preparation and more!

Amazons, Cuyabeno reserve $  550  dollars
Mindo Rainfores $  550  dollars
Yarina Lodge $  550  dollars
Thermal  Baños $   550  dollars
Otavalo Indigenous market $  550  dollars
Choose Atacames Beach, Isla de la Plata $  550  dollars

includes: Cabin accommodation 20 hours of Spanish excursions everyday walks to different places Coffee, tea, water, etc..3 meals according to the place transport you go with your teacher from Quito to programs that choose these programs more Spanish tours are very cute and special to know our country drinks not included without taxes.

Thank you for booking with us 20% of its reserves is to help the street children and social welfare organizations in our country to book you must send the following information name surname start date date and time of arrival country passport number profession

Friends welcome to Ecuador

Freddy Paredes


Skype:  quitoantiguo_spanishschool

Skype:  Fredicitoo

Phone 593 2 2288454 cel. 0992524851 24h

Adress:  Venezuela  N7 - 31  y Olmedo  Centro  Histórico


Costs per person for the one-month travel program for a group of five or more are as follows:

Programs tous classes 5 days 4 nights Total
Historic Quito Homestay 300
Then choose 3 of the following 4 great locations

Coastal Region Pedernales

Canoa/ Isla  de la Plata / Atacames , etc

$ 550

Amazon Rainforest at Yarina Lodge

Programa  Anaconda  Cuyabeno  Parque
Misahualli  Puyo

$ 550
Bosque Nubloso de templadas a Mindo Garden $ 550
Otavalo   Indian  Market $ 550
Baños  aguas  termas  y montañas $ 550
Quitlotoa  Montanias  y mercasos indigenas $ 550
Galapagos   islas y  animales   costo por estudiante $1400

Price reductions

  • 1-2 Students 10%
  • 3-4 Students 15%
  • 5+ Students 20%

We look forward to helping you get the most out of your time in Ecuador and we hope that on returning home from Ecuador your first question will be “When can I go back?”.

Study while travelling programs - Further information

Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet. Untouched Amazon rainforest, gorgeous beaches and some of the world's best cloud forests all lie within a day'vel of Quito, the capital nestled in the Andes montains.

To help our students fully appreciate the beauty of Ecuador while acquiring language skills, we offer these study programs outside of Quito.

We recommend staying in Quito for at least the first week of your visit to Ecuador to allow you to acclimatize (Quito is at 2,850m) and then use your Spanish while travelling.

Since we work with groups and directly with the service providers we are able to offer trips at a much lower cost than if you were to travel on your own. Also there is of course the advantage of having your professors along with you to help you get the most out of your visit.

All of our travel programs run from Monday through Friday. After a full week of classes and and excursions, you choose what you want to do on the weekend. You can either choose to return to Quito with your professors or stay longer.

However, the trip for the following week will always be leaving from Quito promptly on Monday morning.